Desktop Calculators manufactured by the Friden division of Singer

updated November 18, 1999

The Friden company was a well-established American manufacturer of electromechanical calculators when it was bought by the Singer company. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the company manufactured a number of electronic calculators, some marked with the Friden name, some marked with the Singer name and Friden included in the model number, and some marked with only the Singer name with no reference to Friden.

Following are photographs of several machines from the Friden/Singer portfolio. Additional information regarding the machines' operation and will be added later.

Friden (Singer) EC-1113 12-digit Nixie-Tube Calculator

Friden (Singer) EC-1116 16-digit Nixie-Tube Calculator

Friden (Singer) EC-1118 14-digit Nixie-Tube Calculator

Singer 1017 12-digit Calculator with Vacuum Fluorescent tube display

Friden (Singer) 2002 Desktop Printing Calculator

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