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Feature Articles on Desktop Calculators, roughly in chronological order:

The Mathatron early programmable desktop calculator

Hewlett-Packard HP9100 programmable scientific desktop calculator

Sharp 360-series calculators, covering models 361R, 363R, 364R, and 6401

Friden and Singer desktop calculators

Dictaphone desktop calculators, covering model 1420

Compucorp & Monroe 300-Series calculators, covering models 324, 326, 344 and 360

Compucorp-manufactured desktop scientific calculators, including Monroe models by Compucorp.

SCM Marchant and Cogito electronic desktop calculators

Addo-X model DX4 desktop calculator

Photo Gallery - more information on these machines to come soon:

Adler 1612 Desktop Calculator with 12-digit VF display

APF Mark 1 Desktop Calculator with 8-digit neon tube display

Burroughs C3260 Desktop Calculator with VF tube display

Burroughs C3350 Desktop Calculator with nixie tube display

Burroughs EA2300 Desktop Calculator with Panaplex display and printer

The famous CalcuCake ... yummy!

Canon Canola L163 16-digit Nixie-Tube Calculator

Canon Canola L810 Desktop Calculator with 8-digit Panaplex display

Casio 122-F Desktop Calculator with VF display and Special Function selector

Logic Data model TW 8-digit calculator with single-glass-envelope nixie tube array display

Photo of Monroe The Calculator Company Logo

Monroe 420 12-digit Panaplex-display Calculator

Monroe 620 13-digit Nixie-Tube Calculator

Monroe 1930 Statistics calculator with Panaplex display

Olivetti Logos 41PD Desktop VF Display and Printing Calculator

Olivetti Logos 250 Desktop Printing Calculator

Olympia CD-300 12-digit Nixie-Tube Calculator with no LSI-ICs

Sanyo ICC-811 8-digit calculator with Neon-Planar display, in transistor-radio case

Sharp Compet 243V 14-digit Panaplex-Display Desktop Calculator

Sperry Remington 1207 Calculator with Vacuum Fluroescent tube display

Sperry Remington Lektronic-2 Calculator with Vacuum Fluroescent tube display

Texas Instruments SR-22 Octal/Decimal/Hexadecimal Calculator

Toshiba BC-1212 12-digit Nixie-Tube Calculator

Toshiba BC-1414 14-digit Vacuum-Fluorescent Tube Display Calculator

Underwood 400a Printing Calculator

Unisonic XL-131 Desktop VF Display and Printing Calculator

Victor 1800 Desktop calculator with 12-digit Panaplex display

Wang 300 series electronics package and keyboard units

Weltron battery-operated 8-digit Neon-Tube Display Portable Desktop Calculator

Desktop Calculator Photo Gallery Annex:

These photos have been provided by other people for inclusion in the Archive's photo gallery - many thanks!
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