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Article about HP Classic model LED displays

HP9100 Desktop Calculator article and photographs

HP25A and HP25C Internal Photographs

HP35 Internal Photographs

Article about HP55 Technical Information and Internal Construction

Article about HP67 Technical Information and Internal Construction

HP41C Family Internal Photographs - Card Reader photos

HP46 Internal Photographs

HP97 Internal Photographs

HP9830 Internal Photographs

Photo of HP 32S - 50th Anniversary Limited Edition model calculator and soft case with logo and inscription.

Photo of interesting ROM drawer for 9835 calculator, with 98332A I/O ROMs installed in the left one and 98331B Mass Storage ROMs installed in the right one. Numbered ROMs with unknown functions shown underneath.

Photo of HP9821 desktop calculator (similar to HP9820 but with tape drive instead of card reader). Photo courtesy Dermot Rush

HP Accessories Corner - info. on accessories for HP Calculators

Article archive from HP KEY NOTES newsletter

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